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DOGS • Over 13 months The following pets are available for adoption as of December 2, 2019


Great Pyrenees/Collie Mix 4 year • Male Brandon loves attention and likes to be with his humans. Brandon knows basic commands, loves care rides and stuffed toys. Brandon is not good with other male dogs and cats, but is ok with female dogs. Brandon will be good for someone who will want to continue his training.

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Border Collie/Corgi • 4 year old female

I am SUPER full of energy and LOVE to run and

play with toys! I’m the energizer bunny! I would

do best in a home that can give me lots of

exercise and some obedience training. I prefer

no cats or small children as I have a high prey

drive and can be jumpy and nippy. I get along

fine with most other dogs; I can be a little bossy

though. I need a home with a securely fenced

in back yard. She is also a big snuggler.


Border Collie Mix 6 year old • Female Sally has been in rescue for 4 years and has been the most overlooked dog. Sally loves people, is not fond of other female dogs and loves smaller male dogs, and she does require a 6’ fence. She is quite beautiful with her unique sable coat. Sally will make a wonderful companion dog.
Restrictions: NO
Restrictions: NO
Restrictions: NO
Heartworm Positive All heartworm positive dogs are currently undergoing treatment and are still available for adoption with special criteria and care.
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Australian Cattle Dog/Labrador mix 3 year old • Female Purdy is a beautiful, sleek girl that would love to have a home where she is the only dog. Purdy will need continued training and make a strong bond with her and in exchange, Purdy will give many years of love. Purdy has fearful reactions meeting other dogs from lack of proper socialization as a young pup.


Aussie/Golden Retriever Mix 3 year old • Female Bailey is a sweet and playful pup. She has had an rough past and needs a home where they will be patient when she is shy or unsure of something. She would do best as an only dog, a fenced yard and someone who will shower her with the love and attention she craves.


Golden Retriever/Weimaraner Mix 5 years old • Female Harrah was adopted as a puppy and returned recently due to lack of time to care for her. Since she spent a lot of time alone, she does have anxiety. She would love a stable home with someone home, a pool would be highly ideal as it helps her. She is a wonderful pup with just a few quirks.
Restrictions: NO


Labrador Mix 3 year old • Female Elsa loves her toys and her human. She is good with most other dogs but not a fan of cats. Elsa does require a fenced yard, children over 10 years old as she is big and may knock a child down. Elsa is looking for loads of love and attention.


Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog Mini Mix 2 year old • Female Good things come in small packages! Nyxie is fiesty, playful, happy, energetic and a small ball of fun! Nyxie can be a little shy at first but don’t let that fool you. Nyxie really needs another dog in her life and would love to have her son Crawfish with her. No condos, apts, fenced yard is a MUST. No cats.


Border Collie Mini 3 year old • Female Sis is happy, playful, shy in new settings and uncomfortable when new people enter her space. Sis is great with other dogs. A fenced yard is mandatory and another agile, playful and happy dog is strongly desired. Sis is good with older children and confident cats. Sis would prefer a woman only home.
Restrictions: NO


Retriever/Shepherd Mix Female Sweet little girl that is just as happy as can be! Is good with other dogs, interested in cats but respectful. Lots of character with this baby and will make a great family pup! Cora just loves everyone!

Elmer Fudd

Collie/Labrador Mix • Male Elmer is happiest with his human. He just loves one on one snuggle and play time, but most of all he wants to give kisses and make you smile. We do not recommend small children as he does have the herding nipping and also he is on the larger size. Elmer is a great dog who has now grown up in rescue.


Jack Russell Terrier 2 year old • Male   Tippy is true to the Jack Russell breed. He does have a stubby foot that we do not know was an injury or if he was born with it.


Blue Heeler 7 year old • Female Josie loves people and loves to play. She is currently on a weight reduction plan and would make a great family dog or companion. Blue Heeler experience and a fenced yard is a must .


Australian Shepherd Mix 2 year old • Female Biscuit is a charmer, once she gains your trust. She will be a little shy of new people and places but will settle in. She is great with other dogs, has not been cat tested and would be find with older children. This sweet girl needs a fenced yard and someone with patience while she adjusts to new things.


Australian Shepherd Mini Mix 3 year old • Female Aggie is a tiny little thing that came to us from a hoarding and abandonment case. She is good with other dogs and children but would prefer a quiet home with little company. She will need some time to adjust to a new home but once settled in, she will be a good companion.


Australian Shepherd Mini Mix 4 year old • Female Della is a combination of energy and silly wrapped up in a 16 pound body. Della is fearless when coming to other dogs, big or small. She is very shy when meeting new people or put in new situations and will require someone with patience and not to push her. A fenced yard, another playful pup, time, patience and love while transitioning is what Della needs.


Australian Shepherd Mini Mix 4 year old • Male Ranger came to us from a hoarding and abandonment case with many others. Ranger will need someone who will be patient with him while he transitions, another playful pup to romp with is preferred, and a fenced yard. No small children or apartments/condos.


Australian Shepherd Mix 2 year old • Male Playful, happy to be with you, good with older children and can lean more towards alpha with other male dogs. He would like a female companion dog to play with, a warm cozy bed and a family that will love and cherish him forever. He does not like hats and sunglasses and moving cars.


German Shepherd 10 year old • Female Luna came to us from a neglect case. She was severely emaciated when we took her in. She has come a long way while at the farm. She is good with other dogs but wouldn’t mind being an only with loads of attention. She is heartworm + and being treated and does have an eye condition where she needs daily drops. A fenced yard and previous GSD experience required. SWEET girl.


Australian Shepherd Mix Female Dolly is absolutely beautiful and also VERY active. Dolly would do best in a younger home with another playful dog, fenced yard and someone who will have patience while she transitions into a new home. Dolly will do best in a home that will see she is all energy and have fun with it! No small kids.


Australian Cattle Dog 15 year old • Female Pepper is a very well behaved lady and a pure joy to have in your life. She is quiet, respectful of the other dogs and loves to be by your side. She knows many tricks and still has quite a bit of pep in her step. Pepper would love a family to spend her golden years with a nice comfy plush bed.


Border Collie/Terrier Mix 2 year old • Male Wifi is loaded with personality! Very agile, fun, active and funny, this boy will be best for an active home who likes to be on the go. Great with other dogs, super snuggly and always happy. Wifi is heartworm positive unfortunately and will be adopted with medications for treatment.


Labrador Mix Female Samantha and sister Marti are the most wonderful pups you will ever meet. They would love to be adopted together as they are besties. Good with other dogs and children, these two girls are very special. They love to run and play, dig and have fun. Therapy dog potential for both girls.


Labrador Mix Female Marti and sister Samantha are the most wonderful pups you will ever meet. They would love to be adopted together as they are besties. Good with other dogs and children, these two girls are very special. They love to run and play, dig and have fun. Therapy dog potential for both girls.
Restrictions: NO


Black Labrador Retriever Male • 4 year old Potsie is a sweet and goofy dog, is head strong but is so much of a love. He is dog selective and would be best in a single dog home. Potsie does have hip dysplasia and requires monthly medications and needs continued exercise.. Potsie will make a fantastic companion dog for a single person or couple without children.


Australian Shepherd • 5 year old Male I am what is referred to as a “double merle” Aussie, which basically means I am EXTRA special! I can only see with one of my eyes and have OK hearing, but I don’t let this slow me down! Before coming to AAMAR I was living on a farm so I am still learning inside manners and need a home with no cats. I do well with other dogs and my foster mom thinks that I would do fine with kids.
Restrictions: NO
ReeCee Blue Heeler 4  year old • Female ReeCee is true to her breed; loyal to her owner, high drive and needs plenty of exercise on a daily basis - both physically and mentally. ReeCee is for an experienced owner who will continue with training, love and consistency. Single dog home. No children. Fenced yard is mandatory.
Restrictions: NO


Dutch Shepherd Mix 5 year old • Female Bita wants a family. She is great with kids and loves everyone she meets. She is happy all the time and craves to be with people. Bita needs a secure fence or to be leash walked as she is an escape artist to go find kids in the neighborhood. You could not go wrong with this dog for your family. She is a love!


Australian Shepherd Male Cole has spent his entire life on a chain and is learning how to life indoors. Of course, all the new has left him with anxiety as he learns to deal with what he has never known. Cole needs a quiet home with less foot traffic, a fenced yard, no small children and someone dedicated to helping him become a dog. A non dominant dog may help him.


Australian Shepherd Male Bear had an accident when he was 6 months old that left him with a spinal injury. This injury has not stopped him at all in life and he is a very special and loving boy. Everyone who meets him falls madly in love. Bear walks funny but is able to live a completely normal life. A quieter home with no small children would be best.


Australian Shepherd Male Zander is your typical young male Aussie on a mission to have fun, and loads of it. Zander will do best in a home with a fenced yard, an active family, no small children or cats due to his herding instinct. Zander does need to be properly introduced to new dogs. He is all about being with his people.


Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Mix 3 year old • Female Sava is your girl if you are looking for an amazing companion pup. Good with everyone she meets, cats and other non dominant dogs. She is easy going, calm and ready to make herself comfortable on your couch. You can’t go wrong with this girl.


Australian Shepherd Purebred 1 year old • Male Tuffy is your typical high energy, prey driven, natural herding dog. He is not for an unexperienced herding breed owner. Tuffy needs lots of room to run, needs structure and an outlet to release his energy. He will also need to be mentally challenged. Tuffy is very velco to his person.


Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Mix 3 year old • Male Toko is the sweetest guy you could possibly get your hands on. Great with kids, confident cats and non dominant dogs. Toko would make a fabulous companion to and active person or make a great family dog. He is not high energy and enjoys being close with you.  Toko really is a gem.


Border Collie Mix Female Dakota is one of those girls who is just hard to figure out. She can be the most sweetest girl you ever met then she finds ways to test your patience. Dakota will only be adopted to a home with a secure 6’ fence and yard to play in. She is good with children and will require someone who is home more.


Australian Shepherd Male • 6 years old Royce has lost his vision to genetic cataracts and it has made him more nervous in new situations and people. He must be properly introduced slowly so he can feel safe but would be best as a home body. He is good with adults and do not recommend children. Loves to play fetch and is quite good at it.
Special Needs: Blind


Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix Male Polar is just a big goof. He and his sister Lady were raised on a farm with little human contact but they both love people and crave human contact. They are raw in their training, are silly, clumsy puppies and have no idea what personal space is. They are great! Will do best in a fenced yard.


Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix Female Lady is just a shy big goof. She and her brother Polar were raised on a farm with little human contact but they both love people and crave human contact. They are raw in their training, are silly, clumsy puppies and have no idea what personal space is. They are great! Will do best in a fenced yard. -


Catahoula Mix 1 1/2 year old • Female Clara has finally finished being a mom and she will soon be ready for her forever home. Very attentive to her person and calm, Clara would love a family where she will be there everything. Well behaved, loving and easy going. Clara will finish her vetting and would love to be with he family right after.