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We always need financial help for new dogs coming into rescue. New dogs need to go directly to the vets to be treated for any illness they may have picked up in a shelter as well as to be tested for heartworm disease and intestinal parasites. Once the testing is completed, they are vaccinated and altered before they can go on our website for adoption. At any given time, we generally have just as many dogs "in the preparing for adoption" stage, as we have available for adoption. Initial costs of rescuing a dog from a shelter costs on average $200 for immediate vetting - and that is if there is NOTHING wrong. Most cases, the animals come down with some sort of respiratory infection, heavy parasite loads leading to anemia or other conditions. Mange is always a concern as well as heartworm disease. Treating a heartworm positive dog could range from $250-$1,000 (depending on the level of severity.) By the time a animal is ready for adoption, we generally have on average invested into their care from $300 to $600 (once again, if nothing is seriously wrong.) Please visit our Amazon Wish List for items needed now for the rescue. Aussie And Me Pup's Wish List

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Become a Rescue Friend and sponsor one of our special rescues. Every Dog Deserves A Special Friend Like You You can now help the pups by Sponsoring one of those waiting to be adopted. We also permanent foster dogs - these are dogs that usually have ongoing medical issues and have difficulty finding their forever homes. Every dog in our rescue program continues to have expenses each month until they are adopted. With a monthly in the dog’s name of your choice, you can become a sponsor of a very special dog within our rescue until they find their forever home. Your name will appear as a sponsor under the dog's picture and bio (if you wish your contribution to be made anonymously you can request not be be listed). Contributions can also be made in the form of a dedication ("in memory of" or "in honor of" and will be included on the webpage if desired). If you are interested in sponsoring one of our dogs in rescue, please email or click on the “Donate Button” and mention your wishes in the message section of the form. If your gift is to be reoccurring each month, make sure to check the box.
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Please visit our Amazon Wish List for items needed now for the dogs currently in our rescue waiting for their forever homes. Aussie And Me Pup's Wish List

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It takes a lot of resources to run a dog rescue program. We have put together a small wish list of items we would very much appreciate to have donated to us and could use to make our dogs lives happier. Medium and Large, 2 door, wire, collapsible crates Food & Water Bowls Collars & Leashes * Dog Beds Toys, Nylabones, Kongs and Antlers/Bully Horns Food and treats. (Please note that our rescue uses only Holistic Grain Free foods and treats. For a list of brands that we use, please email us at *Our rescue prefers the martingale style of collar as it helps to prevent the dog from slipping his head out of the collar while still being comfortable for the dog to wear. We also like the 6' leash for training and comfort. There are many things that we do need, including office supplies, stamps, printer ink, paper, etc. A dream wish would be a tablet or a laptop, a few high quality point and shoot cameras that we could use at events and for in the field when needed. Our mega wish would be a HERO3+ Black Edition Camera. Please visit our Amazon Wish List for items needed now for the rescue. Aussie And Me Pup's Wish List