Herding Breed/Labrador Mix Male
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Aussie and Me Animal Rescue Puppy Adoption Guidelines and Requirements : Puppies are MATCHED with an adopter or adopters are presented with 2-3 puppies that we feel will be a good match for them and vice versa. Puppies are NOT first come first serve. Must be enrolled in puppy class within 30 days of adoption. Puppies are adopted out with a spay/neuter contract, requiring the puppy to be spayed between 5-6 months of age unless temperament requires it to be done earlier. The cost of spay/neuter is covered in the adoption fee IF you have the procedure performed at a clinic in your area that we work with. If you choose to have the procedure done at your vet, you will assume the cost and the adoption fee is NOT reduced. Puppies are adopted out current on age appropriate vaccines, deworming, have been on monthly heart worm/flea preventative and have a negative fecal exam upon being adopted. We will not adopt a puppy into a home that currently has another puppy under the age of 6 months, not spayed/neutered and/or has not completed its full series of vaccines. We will not adopt puppies under the age of 6 months to homes where there are children under 6 years of age. We may consider a placement based on the puppies personality and after meeting the child(ren) and viewing how they interact with a puppy but we will not guarantee an adoption.
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Available for Adoption

PUPPIES • 8 weeks - 6 months The following pets are available for adoption as of 08/05/18 (unless otherwise noted)


Australian Shepherd/Labrador Mix Male Mister is a very confident puppy and will do best with an experienced pet owner. Active, leader of the pack and spirited in play. Mister will be good with confident cats and children over 8 years old. A fenced yard is prefered. Ogoing training is a must.


Labrador/Chihuahua Mixed Breed Female Location: Sarasota, FL Chowder is a small and mighty pup who loves to play and snuggle. She is good with children and other dogs. Chowder will not be a big dog but she has plenty of energy and spunk to keep up! Her beautiful brown eyes will melt your heart.

Quinnie - Pending Adoption

Labrador/Chihuahua Mixed Breed Female Location: Sarasota, FL Quinnie is new to rescue and she is sister to Chowder. Quinnie will be smaller when full grown. She loves to play and snuggle up right next to you. A young active family home with children and another dog would be ideal for Quinnie! 


Border Collie Mix Female Location: Sarasota, FL   New to rescue. More information coming soon.


Border Collie Mix Male Location: Sarasota, FL   New to rescue. More information coming soon.


Border Collie Mix Female


Border Collie Mix Female   Floof is the cutest little thing you will lay eyes on. She is shy when meeting new people and with a little patience, she will warm up. Good wiht other dogs and with older children. No apartments or condos.


Chow Chow Mix Male


Labrador Mix Female


Labrador Mix Female


Herding Breed/Labrador Mix Female


Herding Breed/Labrador Mix Female


Herding Breed/Labrador Mix Male


Herding Breed/Labrador Mix Male


Australian Shepherd Mini Mix Female


Australian Shepherd Mini Mix Male