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YOUNG DOGS • 6 -12 months The following pets are available for adoption as of 04/21/18
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Jelly Bean

Australian Shepherd/White Swiss Shepherd Mix (DNA tested) • Female Location: Sarasota, FL All sass and sweetness wrapped up into one puppy. Jelly Bean is full of character and love. Good with other dogs, confident cats and is just a happy overall puppy with spunk. Jelly Bean is smart and would love a home with loads of love, fun, a fenced yard and another dog for company. No apartments.

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Boudin (pending adoption)

Male Boudin is by far the happiest, most playful and talkative of the group. He is just always happy and looking for someone to play with. Boudin is fun and will be great in any situation as long as lots of love is included.


Male Hearing impaired Super sassy and always looking for his next big adventure. Bouillon is one of the happiest puppies you will ever meet. Tallest of the group and very handsome and friendly.


Male • Full vision and hearing impairment. Eyes need daily drops.  Cracklin is always up for snuggles and kisses. His impairments do not slow him down in the slightest. Eager to please and will follow you everywhere. Cracklin just has the sweetest and most loving personality and loves to snuggle up in your neck.


Male Partial hearing impairment, partial vision impairment. Eyes need daily drops. Crawfish is our independent guy with a slight shy side. Loves his siblings, kitties and loads of playtime and snuggles. Crawfish has no idea he cannot hear great and that does not stop him from enjoying life to the fullest.