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Aussie And Me has some of the best pups around. We have taken the ones that were no longer wanted or cared for and rescued them with love and patience to be amazing companions. Although we do specialize in the herding breeds (Australian Shepherd and Border Collie) we are NOT a breed specific rescue. We have plenty of dogs to choose from to be your forever furry friend. Follow their rescue journeys on Facebook at
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Saving the lives of animals. One, sometimes two or more, at a time.
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In The News - January
Giving to Pets in Need with Random Act of Kindness #ProjectPetRAK Grandma Lucy’s has chosen                                         as their Charity of the Month!   For the entire month of January, you do a pet-related Random Act of Kindness (RAK) and  Grandma Lucy’s will donate 1 pound of food to Aussie And Me. (up to 350# and that’s a lot of food!) Whether it is leaving some extra balls at your local dog park for others to play with or collecting some warm blankets for a  shelter near your house, you will be making other pets day while earning food for some very happy dogs! Some ideas for your Pet RAK: •	Buy a dog treat for the person behind you in line at your local pet store and hope they return the favor to the person behind them. •	Bring extra water to your dog park on a hot day to share with others. •	Donate blankets or towels to your local pet shelter. •	Leave a small treat on your neighbor’s doorstep for their pet to enjoy. •	Play catch with an elderly friend or neighbor’s dog. •	Have your group or family make braided, fleece dog toys for a dog rescue group. •	Have a ball drive at your office and collect tennis balls for a shelter of your choice. •	Leave some balls at your local dog park for others to enjoy. •	Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog one day while they are at work. •	The possibilities of kindness is endless! How do I join the Project? 1. Complete a pet-related Random Act of Kindness and take a picture while doing it. 2. Post and share your RAK on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ProjectPetRAK, tag @grandmalucys and tag @aussieandme (you must do all 3) 3. That’s it!